Sussex Martini

The Martini is the king of cocktails; simple, elegant, and iconic. There is an art to making it!


Seven Sisters Gin
Seven Sisters Dry White Vermouth
Water that melts from the ice.


Place your martini glass in the freezer till ice cold. (If you are not that organised, fill your empty martini glass with ice before making the martini and pour it out just before you pour the martini in.)


We recommend a ratio of 6 Gin to 1 Vermouth.

Pour your ice into a mixing glass then strain to get rid of any water and small shards of ice. (Bigger cubes of ice are better as they dilute more slowly).

Pour in your Gin and Vermouth and start stirring.

The aims of stirring are 2-fold:

One; You need to make the drink super cold. (It helps to keep your Vermouth refrigerated.)

Two; you are wanting to melt some water to help mix the Vermouth and the Gin together. It’s one of those things that you just get a feel for, like cooking a steak, do it enough times you just know when to take it off the heat.

Tip for the 1st couple times you try it; once the drink is really cold use a straw like a pipette or use your bar spoon to put a drop on your hand and try it. You shouldn’t be able to separately taste the bitterness of the Vermouth and the sharp edge of the alcohol of the Gin. If you can, keep stirring and keep trying. Until the flavours to combine to one.


Our base note to our Gin and Vermouth is beautiful bitter orange so we recommend garnishing with an orange medallion. (You are aiming to slice the peel of the orange in the shape and size of a 10p piece.)

Between finger and thumb aim your medallion at the martini and squeeze the zest onto it. (Try not to hold the medallion over the glass, as when you squeeze the white part of the peel, its oil can drip and this is bitter.)

Now place your bent medallion on the top.


P.S. It is a Driver family favourite to have a Seven Sisters Dirty Martini with olives or pickled chillies if you want to experiment.

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